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White Wedding Dress

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White Wedding Dress

Shavon Hunter


The white wedding dress has been synonymous with purity or to signify virginity, but the history behind the color white is it was worn for mourning. The white wedding dress was first introduced in 1406 when it was worn by Philippa of England. However, it didn’t gain popularity until Queen Victoria wore white at her wedding to Albert of Saxe-Coburg in 1840. Before Queen Victoria’s wedding, blue was the color worn to signify purity. Before this paradigm shift, wedding dresses were worn in all colors! The “new” wave of colors being introduced by the dress designers for the 2014 wedding season, it is more for the bride who is daring to step out of the norm and get back to true tradition of wedding dresses.

To understand the significance of certain wedding dress colors, check out this link.