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Production Work with Floral Couture

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Production Work with Floral Couture

Shavon Hunter


On July 6th, we had the honor and pleasure of working with Toni McDaniel of Floral Couture; a recent winner of the NACE 2013 "Judges Favorite" Design Competition. This was our first experience helping to setup a wedding as volunteers for Toni. Boy, was it an eye opener! It gave us great insight into the intricate details involved in wedding design and production. We even played a hand in designing and creating 5 small arrangements on site for the wedding. We assisted in properly "flipping" the space. This was such a great learning experience! This invaluable knowledge we have gained from this experience will help us to provide a better service to our clients. Thanks Toni for this opportunity! Click Here to Check Out the Work!

Toni McDaniel: