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You are cordially invited to TRIM the guest list! | The Wedding Planner Chronicles

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You are cordially invited to TRIM the guest list! | The Wedding Planner Chronicles

Shavon Hunter

Your wedding guest list's way too high, you need to cut it! 

Almost immediately following your engagement one of the first planning tasks you’ll need to complete is compiling a preliminary guest list. This is needed so you know have an idea of how many persons will be in attendance. The guest count will impact a variety of elements including venue selection, catering and of course décor. 

When Tim and I first put our list together, I think we may have been overwhelmed with excitement because we had everybody and their momma’s on there! We recently reviewed our guest list again because this is what ultimately drives spending. As we got past our family members and close friends, we realized that a lot of these people probably shouldn’t be on the list. We marked all of our Definite guests with a ‘Yes’, eliminated all of the Haven’t seen you since high school guests, and placed all of the Question mark guests on the ‘Maybe' list. 

Guest list management can be cutthroat but you can’t feel bad if you’re footing the bill. Don’t feel obligated to invite someone to your wedding just because they invited you to theirs; what if that was 5 years ago and you haven’t spoken much since? And just because everyone at your new job seems cool and you hang out occasionally doesn’t mean they should be invited to witness your union. It is proper etiquette to invite your married guest’s spouses so your list will grow slightly. However the same doesn’t apply to guests that are just casually dating. On the contrary, if your parents are making financial contributions to the wedding, it’s only right to allow them to invite guests of their own. Discuss a cap with them so that all of their friends don’t make up the majority. 

I don’t know about you but there are a lot of kids in my family. And I’m not so sorry to say that they didn’t make the list. You may be thinking that I’m a mean person for saying this but we have a bottom line to keep in mind. Additionally inviting kids means a higher guest count which translates to more spending. If you’re not as coldhearted as we are and you will allow kids to attend, then you may opt to provide the younger guests with a more kid-friendly menu and table decorations. Otherwise a happy medium could be placing an age limit to help with trimming. 

PLANNER BRIDE TIP | Create your list in a spreadsheet with a column for first and last names, relationship, and drop-down with yes, maybe options. Revisit the list to finalize your decision about the maybe list and whatever you do try not to add names. Our wedding is 15 months away so we’re going to stick with the #nonewfriends philosophy because we just can’t add anyone else. 

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