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Elope or Small Intimate Ceremony?

Shavon Hunter

Elope or Not?

Deciding to elope or host a smaller wedding is not as easy as it seems. You will get flak from loved one's because your guest list may not include your distant cousin from Idaho or a relative you have not communicated with in umpteen years. This decision is not easily understood or accepted by people in your circle, but it doesn't mean you have to change to fit their ideals. You should never find yourself in an uncomfortable, stressful situation because you are planning the wedding of a loved one's dream and not your own. It is OK to do what you feel in your heart. Your day can and SHOULD be done your way. If you have made the decision to elope, my advice would be to elope in style. I made the decision to elope in my first marriage and when I think back to the sweatshirt and jeans I wore at my courthouse ceremony, I cringe. Being the more practical side of LSCE, I knew I didn't want the burden of a huge wedding expense. However, reminiscing on the personal memories I have, there are no pictures I could share with my children about our wedding day. There are great options available to you that 12 years ago, I didn't look into myself. And guess what? It doesn't involve hopping on a plane to Vegas or getting married at the courthouse.

Don't get me wrong, style doesn't mean an astronomical expense that will burden the formative years of your marriage. I mean with the finesse and assistance of a trusted planner. We created a solution near and dear to my heart as a great starter option called Intimate Nuptials by LSCE. Our experience includes a ceremony location, a licensed officiant, a 2-person cake, flowers (boutonniere and bouquet), makeup, champagne, and photographer.

We'd love to speak with you about our service and discuss your ideal, intimate wedding plans. Contact us for more details!

XOXO, Miesha