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Say YES to the dress!

Shavon Hunter

OMG, you’re engaged! Now it’s time to begin preparing for the day you say “I Do”. Shopping for your wedding dress will be one of the most important tasks on your wedding planning “To-Do List”. With engagement season underway, bridal gown retailers are getting ready to gear up for “Bridal Christmas”, the busiest wedding dress shopping season of the year. Just imagine the hustle and bustle you witness during Black Friday happening every weekend following the New Year through about March. Sounds a bit overwhelming right? Well it certainly can be that’s why I’d like to share some helpful tips to prepare you. Having worked at a bridal shop for nearly 10 years, I know firsthand how hectic the wedding dress shopping experience can be. First thing’s first, decide on your spending limit. Determine how much of an investment you’d like to make not only on the gown but in total including alterations, accessories, shoes, and under garments. A defined price range will help prevent you from trying on dresses that are too costly. In fact one of the biggest dress shopping DONTs is not trying on gowns outside of your limit. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll fall in in love with the more expensive dress and it’ll be discouraging to the process because you’ll compare every other dress to it.

Ok, now that you’ve decided on a spending allowance, it’s time to book your appointment. Your initial appointment should be booked 8-12 months from the wedding date. This might seem farfetched but it can take up to 21 weeks for some dress orders to come in. Additionally you have to add more time for alterations. Although most bridal dress salons welcome walk-ins, it’s always best to have an appointment. As a walk-in you typically have to wait an extended period of time until the boutique is able to work you in. In the event where they aren’t able to accommodate your impromptu visit, it tarnishes your perception of the store, disappoints you and your entourage and ultimately ruins the process as you know it. Scheduling an appointment will guarantee you’ll have the full dress shopping experience you deserve. Appointments are typically scheduled for 1.5 hours

Let’s begin prepping for your appointment! Begin browsing through bridal magazines, Pinterest, Instagram and other outlets for inspiration. This will be very helpful to the Dress Stylist or Consultant you’re paired with during your appointment. On the other hand, be certain to also visit the website for the shop your appointment is booked with. This is beneficial because you can get an idea of the actual styles they have in their inventory that draw your eye. It’ll also save you time just in case you come across designers they do not carry.

As your sift through all of the beautiful gowns, please keep your own personal style, style of the wedding in mind, and body type in mind because after all you want the dress to complement you and the overall flair of the wedding. Remember when Carrie fell in love with that gorgeous Vivienne Westwood gown after that photoshoot? She knew by selecting this dress over that cute little vintage suit raised the stakes. All other aspects of the wedding evolved to fit the elegance of the dress. Another thing to note about dress selections you chose, please allow yourself to be flexible. You may go with a particular style in mind and walkout with the polar opposite.

So who are you going to bring with you? Many brides love to go dress shopping with a large group. It’s great to make sure you have a strong support system inclusive of the people whose opinion you value the most. However if the crowd is too large you might find yourself in a situation where you lose your way trying to please everyone else. If this happens, you’ll likely leave the appointment empty handed and confused. I recommend that you opt for the smaller audience that consists of your parent(s), maid or matron of honor and your soon-to-be mother in-law. This is a great way to include her in a very special and sentimental part of the wedding planning process. Besides you don’t want everyone getting a preview before the wedding day. It might be hard to cut grandma and your BFF out of the process so perhaps you can invite them to your final dress fitting with alterations. They’ll appreciate you for including them in such a tear jerking moment.

Yay it’s finally appointment day! Today could be the day you find the dress you’re going to get married and become a wife in. Be sure to eat prior to your appointment to prevent you from feeling light headed or grumpy. Since this is a momentous occasion, feel free to wear a little makeup that day but don’t overdo it because you could run the risk of ruining one of the dresses. Not only will the makeup add a boost to your confidence, it’ll also give you an idea of how you’ll look on your special day. Be sure to either wear or bring undergarments (strapless bra, Spanx) with you if you know you won’t feel comfortable borrowing them from the salon. Also bring a pair of heels similar to the ones you plan on wearing. This will also aid in giving you a real life visual of how you’ll look. Do your best to arrive early or on-time to your appointment. Most boutiques will require that your register with them so if you’re running late, you’ll end up cutting into your time by having to fill out paperwork.

Now that you’ve said ‘Yes” to the dress, let’s make sure you look picture perfect for your wedding day. When you book La Soirée Chic Events as your Month of Coordinators or as your Wedding Planners, we automatically include a professional to assist you with looking your best. Le Concierge is a service experience we offer exclusively to our brides because we understand how chaotic bridal preparation can be. This experience will provide a "lady in waiting” to assist with putting on your dress foundations, gown, and veil placement. We’ve all seen a bride lose her veil because the comb wasn’t tucked in correctly or bride try to pass off the top tier of her double layered veil as a blusher, this would never happen to a CHIϽ bride because we’ve got you covered!

We’d love to speak with you about this great service. Schedule your complimentary consultation today!

Have a chic day! Shavon

Hello December!

Shavon Hunter

Although this is the last chapter of 2015, we're excited to see what takes places during this finale.

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Engagement Season is officially underway!

Shavon Hunter

Congratulations to all the lovely couples that GOT ENGAGED for Thanksgiving!!

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Thankful in 2015

Shavon Hunter

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Grateful. Thankful. Blessed. We appreciate all the love and support! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours 💕

Elope or Small Intimate Ceremony?

Shavon Hunter

Elope or Not?

Deciding to elope or host a smaller wedding is not as easy as it seems. You will get flak from loved one's because your guest list may not include your distant cousin from Idaho or a relative you have not communicated with in umpteen years. This decision is not easily understood or accepted by people in your circle, but it doesn't mean you have to change to fit their ideals. You should never find yourself in an uncomfortable, stressful situation because you are planning the wedding of a loved one's dream and not your own. It is OK to do what you feel in your heart. Your day can and SHOULD be done your way. If you have made the decision to elope, my advice would be to elope in style. I made the decision to elope in my first marriage and when I think back to the sweatshirt and jeans I wore at my courthouse ceremony, I cringe. Being the more practical side of LSCE, I knew I didn't want the burden of a huge wedding expense. However, reminiscing on the personal memories I have, there are no pictures I could share with my children about our wedding day. There are great options available to you that 12 years ago, I didn't look into myself. And guess what? It doesn't involve hopping on a plane to Vegas or getting married at the courthouse.

Don't get me wrong, style doesn't mean an astronomical expense that will burden the formative years of your marriage. I mean with the finesse and assistance of a trusted planner. We created a solution near and dear to my heart as a great starter option called Intimate Nuptials by LSCE. Our experience includes a ceremony location, a licensed officiant, a 2-person cake, flowers (boutonniere and bouquet), makeup, champagne, and photographer.

We'd love to speak with you about our service and discuss your ideal, intimate wedding plans. Contact us for more details!

XOXO, Miesha