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YAY, you're engaged! Now what? | The Wedding Planner Chronicles

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YAY, you're engaged! Now what? | The Wedding Planner Chronicles

Shavon Hunter

Your partner liked it so much that he/she put a ring on it, Congratulations! This means you're engaged, so now what? As the newness of the engagement starts to wear off you'll find yourself wondering what the heck you're supposed to do next. I got engaged at the end of January so as a Bride-to-be I know what you're feeling. However since I'm an event and industry professional, I also know the ins and outs of planning a wedding. 

Set a Date!
First thing's first, pick a date! Have a conversation with your fiancé/fiancée about when the pair of you would like to get married (i.e., year and season). At first me and my fiancé Tim, had no idea what we wanted our wedding day to be but we knew 2017 was our year. And then we started to narrow it down by eliminating the hot and cold months out of the year, so there went May-July and November-February. Tim said he didn't want us to wed in either one of our birthday months which meant August and September were out too.  March would only give us a little over a year; April is too unpredictable because of the rain so that left us with October. With that said, we're planning a beautiful Indian summer/early fall wedding in Atlanta. 

Choose a Wedding Venue
Now that you've narrowed down the month and year (or possibly a specific date) your nuptials will take place, you're ready for the next phase in the process! Wedding planning can only truly begin when your ceremony/reception venue has been secured. When you begin the process of touring venues, it's important that you be flexible with the date. It's possible the venue you want may not be available for the date you have in mind. Finalizing the location for your big day means that you have a firm date. 

We'd love to help you on your special journey, so contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation.